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A collection of crypto art resources. If you know another good resource about crypto art or Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) it would be great to add it to this list.

Getting Started

Markets, Galleries, Platforms

There are many websites that will help you turn digital files into NFTs and set up a digital place to sell them. Some platforms require an application process, others do not.

Application Required

Artists must apply and get accepted before sharing art on these platforms.

Start Minting Right Away

Mint your own NFTs to create your own crypto art and offer them for sale or give them away. Some of these platforms are completely free (excluding the gas fee for minting), some charge a fee for various services.

Tips and Best Practices

Crypto Art Communities

Crypto Art Media

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Listen while you create! Some of these podcasts are focused solely on crypto art. Some cover related topics as well.


Further Reading about Crypto Art and NFTs

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